We’re always looking for new content and ideas! Since it’s only a two woman team any help we can get is welcome. We love contributors and make sure to give credit for your hard work.

To make it easier for the both of us please follow the guidelines below on submitting content:


Have someone in mind from or residing in Queens who is doing cool things? We’d love to know more about them!

  1. Reference our Profiles to get a sense of the questions we typically ask and the stories we try to tell. We love to learn about people’s process and journey, but keep in mind stories about their connection with Queens is just as important.
  2. Research previous interviews they’ve done before to make sure you aren’t telling the same story. Put your spin on it and ask questions you want to know that hasn’t been asked before!
  3. We encourage conducting face to face or over the phone interviews as it allows for a better flow of ideas and conversation, but we accept interviews done via email as we know people are busy (most QNS+A interviews are done via email).
  4. Photo specs: 8-12 Photographs, at least 1200 pixels width. High quality photos are of utmost important to engage the reader and make your interview even stronger.
  5. Do not attach photos inside of emails. Link to a third party service (like dropbox or google drive) for us to download the photos.
  6. If you’re doing a “QNS Maker” interview please be sure to include at least two portrait photos (headshot or  casual/candid shots).
  7. Email submissions to The interview copy can be pasted inside the email body or attached as a Word doc.


If you’re a photo pro or hobby-ist we welcome any submissions that could be displayed on individual Neighborhood pages that aren’t already taken (example) or if you want to share your side of Queens you can submit photos for your own dedicated Photography post of a specific neighborhood or local event with a gallery of your images.

  1. Reference our neighborhood pages to get an idea of the quality and substance that fits well into the website.
  2. Photographs must be at least 1200 pixels wide.
  3. Cell phone photos are considered, but your work will be displayed at its highest potential if shot in higher resolution.
  4. Do not attach photos inside of emails. Link to a third party service (like dropbox or google drive) for us to download the photos.
  5. File type accepted: JPGs, only.
  6. In order to correctly organize your photos please name your files according to the neighborhood they were shot. If you want to take it a step further, also include your name to optimize it for web and search engines. Example: John-Smith_Flushing-Queens.jpg.
  7. Email submissions to

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!