Southeastern Queens: Woodhull

Woodhull is a low-income sub-neighborhood of Hollis. It runs from 190th Street to 196th Street, from Jamaica Ave to Woodhull Ave. In early 2012, Zara Realty acquired the 5 building portfolio in Woodhull for $39 Million dollars. The area is named after Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Woodhull. Woodhull was the 1st high ranking colonel held as a prisoner of war in the United States. In 1776, Woodhull was attacked by sword & captured by British forces on 196th St & Jamaica Ave.

Pictured is the community parking garage for the Zara Realty Apartments, located on Woodhull Ave & 193rd Street, in the heart of Woodhull.

Rapper Ja Rule is a Woodhull native.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.