Northeastern Queens: Utopia

Utopia is a middle class suburban neighborhood in eastern Queens with a large Orthodox Jewish community. Utopia is bordered by Utopia Parkway to the west, 188th Street to the east, Union Turnpike to the South, and 73rd Ave Ave the north. The area was purchased in 1905 by the Utopia Land Company. The land between Flushing and Jamaica was planned as an alternative location for Jewish families looking to leave crowded New York’s Lower East Side.

Pictured is Utopia Playground located off 73rd Ave. The parkland was once the home of the Black Stump Hook School, Ladder and Bucket Company. NYC Parks acquired the entire site in 1941, and opened the playground the following spring.

“Utopia Parkway” is the name of the undergraduate literary journal of Queens College.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.