Northwestern Queens:

Spaghetti Park is a small sub neighborhood of Corona. The area is named after William F. Moore Park, which earned its moniker due to the area’s heavy Italian roots. The park features a full size bocce court, which features lights at night. Spaghetti Park was almost exclusively Italian until the mid 90’s, when the Dominican population started to rise in the area. Today there are still numerous Italian restaurants surrounding the park.

Pictured is the Lemon Ice King of Corona located on 108th Street. Started and still owned and operated by the Benfaremo family, the Lemon Ice King has been a staple of Spaghetti Park since the 1940’s. Today they offer 40 different flavors.

On March 28, 1991 a group of Italian youths chased Dominican teen Manuel Mayi Jr. and beat him to death for allegedly defacing the neighborhood with graffiti.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.