Northwestern Queens: Ravenswood

Ravenswood is a small mixed lower income neighborhood that falls between Astoria and Long Island City, running along the East River off of Vernon Boulevard. The area was developed by New York City businessman Col. George Gibbs in 1814. The first commercial building was erected in 1875 and to this day the area has remained a heavily commercial industrial area. Ravenswood is also home to the Queens portion of the Roosevelt Island Bridge, a lift bridge erected in 1952. This bridge was called the Welfare Island Bridge until 1973.

Pictured is the Noguchi Museum located on 33rd Road off of Vernon Blvd. The museum was created by sculptor Isomi Noguchi in 1985. The two story building’s purpose is to preserve and display Noguchi’s work.

On January 6th 1964, after much protest Con Edison withdrew its application to build a nuclear power plant within the Ravenswood power plant

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.