Northwestern Queens: Queensbridge Houses

Queensbridge Houses is a low income New York City Housing Association building complex located in Long Island City, Queens. The Queensbridge Houses are technically two separate complexes, North & South. The 3, 142 units house over 7,000 residents making Queensbridge the largest housing complex in North America. The architects of Queensbridge Houses designed the six story buildings in a Y shape in an effort to allow the most access to sunlight.

Pictured is Queensbridge Park, located off of Vernon Boulevard. The park is named after the nearby Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge which is also known as the Queensbridge or 59th Street Bridge. Queensbridge Park is a hotbed for adult NYC softball leagues.

On Thursday July 17, 2014 legendary rap group and Queensbridge natives Mobb Deep will be performing at Queensbridge Park in conjunction with Summer Stage.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.