Northwestern Queens: LIC

Long Island City is an middle class mostly commercial neighborhood in western Queens. Long Island City was a separate city from 1870-1898. The last mayor of Long Island City was the infamous Patrick Jerome “Battle-Axe” Gleason. Today, Long Island City has the highest concentration of art galleries, art institutions & studio space of any neighborhood in New York City. Long Island City has also been subject to gentrification, which has been met with heavy controversy.

Pictured is Empire City Iron Works. Empire City was established in 1904. During World War II Empire City provided supplies to the U.S. Navy. Empire City has also cooperated with Con Edison in building almost every single power plant in New York City.

Long Island City is home to the largest fortune cookie factory in the United States, Wonton Foods.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.