Southeastern Queens: Hollis

Hollis, Queens is a predominantly African American working class community. Hollis is widely considered as the birthplace of Hip Hop. The rap group RUN DMC and media mogul Russell Simmons grew up in this area. Long time Hollis resident Orville Hall once lobbied to turn Hollis Ave from 203rd to 207th St into the Hip Hop Walk of Fame.

Pictured is the Jam Master Jay tribute mural located on 205th St & Hollis Ave (also known as RUN DMC Way.) Jam Master Jay was the DJ of RUN DMC and was gunned down senselessly in 2002.

Political heavyweights former US Secretary State Colin Powell & ex Governor of New York Mario Cuomo also hail from Hollis, Queens.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.