Northwestern Queens: Forest Hills

Forest Hills is an upper middle class neighborhood. Until Brooklyn lawyer Cord Meyer bought the 600 acres in 1906, that he titled Forest Hills, it was originally named Whitepot. Meyer’s plan was to build low-income property for the working poor. Unfortunately, the huge property values made the idea impractical. Home to one of Queens most popular shopping strips, Austin Street. Austin Street is also home to many highly regarded restaurants.

Pictured is the statue of Captain MacDonald which stands in MacDonald Park on Queens Blvd. Captain MacDonald was an Army engineer who played a pivotal role in World War I. Captain MacDonald’s statue was erected in 1934, 1 year after the creation of the park.

Rock band The Ramones hail from Forest Hills, & formed their group while attending Forest Hills H.S.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.