Northwestern Queens: Elmhurst

Elmhurst is a mixed middle class neighborhood. Elmhurst developed into one of New York City’s most diverse neighborhoods after World War II. Today the neighborhood represents almost 200 different countries.
Elmhurst is home to the largest mall in Queens, Queens Center Mall. Carrying 150 stores under its 4 stories, Queens Center Mall has one of the highest sales per square foot in the United States.

Pictured above is Elmhurst Hospital, located on Broadway. Elmhurst is the oldest hospital in Queens, established in 1832 on Roosevelt Island. The building pictured is the new location built in 1957. Elmhurst Hospital has won numerous awards for providing quality medical services.

The fictional restaurant McDowell’s in the classic movie “Coming to America” was actually an altered Wendy’s restaurant located in Elmhurst.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.