Northeastern Queens: Electchester

Electchester is a middle class housing cooperative in South Flushing, located at Jewel & Parsons Blvd. It was established in 1949, by Harry Van Arsdale and the Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry. Together they purchased 103 acres of the former Pomonok Country Club to build apartment buildings. Approximately 5,550 people live in 2,500 units in 38 buildings.

Pictured is Electchester’s First Housing Courtyard located off of Harry Van Arsdale Blvd. The Art Deco style which was popular in the 1940’s lent itself to the idea that residents were getting glamorous apartments at an affordable rate.

In March 2009, the 107th Precint of the NYPD seized over 5 pounds of heroin in an Electchester apartment.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.