Northwestern Queens: Ditmars

Ditmars is a Greek middle class residential sub neighborhood of Astoria. It is named after its main street, Ditmars Boulevard, which was derived from Abram Ditmars the first mayor of Long Island City in 1870. The main source of public transportation is the BMT Astoria line at Ditmars Boulevard. The station, constructed in 1917, is a two track elevated line. The station even features the Ditmars Plaza mini mall at it mezzanine level.

Pictured is Taverna Kyclades restaurant located on Ditmars Boulevard. Taverna is a highly rated Greek establishment that does not take reservations, but regularly boasts a waiting list. Since 1999, Taverna has been owned by Ardian Skenderi, a former professional basketball player.

Former governor Mario Cuomo graduated from nearby St. John’s Prep.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.