Northeastern Queens: Bellerose Manor

Bellerose Manor is a middle class sub neighhborhood in Queens Village with a strong Indian American community. There are 3 communities that make up Bellerose. The incorporated village of Bellerose, Bellerose Terrace, technically located in Nassau County, Long Island & Bellerose Manor which is considered an extended section of Queens Village.

Pictured is the Padavan-Preller Fields located off Hillside Ave. Padavan Preller Fields is home to Hollis-Bellaire-Queens Village Baseball Association, or HBQVB. HBQVB is a state certified baseball organization founded in 1954. Padavan-Preller Fields sits on 14 acres, and features 9 immacutely tailored baseball fields. On April 27, 2011 rising political star Anthony Weiner threw out the league’s ceremonial 1st pitch (pre Carlos Danger scandal).

HBQVB’s own Mike (The Terminator) Baxter caught the last out of the New York Mets 1st ever no-hitter on June 1st 2012.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.