Southeastern Queens: Bellaire

Bellaire is a mixed working class sub neighborhood of Queens Village. Bellaire, zip code 11429 is 1/3 of the greater area known as Queens Village. The other 2 sections are Hollis Hills 11427 & Queens Village Proper.

Pictured is the famed Bellaire Theatre. The Bellaire opened sometime in the early 1920’s & ran until the late 1950’s. Some remember its heyday when Lauren Bacall used to stroll down the red carpet on Jamaica Ave. Today the old Bellaire Theatre is now the Labadeer Manior Restaurant which offers Haitian fare, and appeals to the area’s influx of West Indian residents.

Bellaire is the largest area of Queens Village, which some residents have affectionately tabbed, Shadyville.

The History section is in collaboration with Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes.